We Make It Simple to Consign:

  • Schedule an item review
  • Request transportation of furniture
  • Start receiving checks!

If you have items that you would like to place on consignment, please call at 843-521-3090 to set up an appointment with us to view your items.

You’ve finely made the decision that you have to sell some of your long cherished items. You know how valuable they are and ideally you want to find someone that will appreciate their value as well. The Front Porch Consignment has the clientele that will love and cherish your treasures just as you have.
Here a a few key points to keep in mind so you will get top price for your upscale furniture.

  • Read your contract! We have a contract for consignors and it is very important that you understand what happens with your items once it is consigned and how the consignment process works for you and The Front Porch. We have stipulations regarding price reductions that coordinate with the length of time an item is on the The Front Porch showroom floor. If a consigned item doesn’t sell in a given period of time the price is reduced to encourage the sale of the piece. Abandoning an item that does not sell can often lead to The Front Porch taking possession of your merchandise because we cannot serve as a warehouse for consignors merchandise given the amount of limited space we have available.
  • Before bringing your items in to be consigned prepare them for market The Front Porch will display your items just as they receive them. We will make an attempt to clean items before making them available for sale, however, they are not typically equipped to do extensive cleaning. If they have been displayed in your home for a long time or packed up in storage they will most likely have an accumulation of dust. The cleaner the item is the more desirable it will be to a buyer. Often times a buyer will disregard an item because it is dirty. It is just like anything you sell, you want it to look as presentable as possible. Be careful not to try to restore antiques though. Often what you think may be helping your cause could be actually devaluing a fine piece because antique buyers want collectibles in an all original state. Restoration should be left to the pros.
  • Clean out the drawers! Take the drawers completely out of a piece of furniture and look behind and under it. You will be surprised at what you may find that went missing years ago or what may have once been a hiding pace!
  • If you are consigning an upholstered item vacuum it thoroughly Take each cushion off and vacuum underneath and in the crevasses. This is especially important if any member of your family is four legged.
Welcome to the world of consignment shopping!
With a good eye and sometimes a great deal of patience you can furnish or decorate your home at a small fraction of the cost of new retail.
Here are a few points to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a consigned item:

  • Most consigned items are used – They may look new or have never been used, however, they have been previously purchased. Many times they have been kept in storage or meticulously taken care of and you can often get great value from a unique piece that cannot be found readily available anywhere else locally. Many times older pieces of furniture are manufactured much better than modern pieces and you can get great quality as well.
  • If you are not able to take your purchase with you, The Front Porch will allow you to come back and pick it up at another time – We do have a limit to how long an item can be left in waiting because of the lack of “off the floor” storage space to set aside merchandise. It is a good idea to plan ahead for transporting anything you may purchase before you even head out for your consignment shopping excursions. By doing that, you will have a plan in place for picking up and delivering your purchases and it will give you more flexibility to act quickly if you see a piece you like. The Front Porch will provide delivery items at a reasonable fee.
  • The Front Porch operates under a contract that spells out when it can be discounted – Many times shoppers think they can bargain with the shop owner or employee for a lower price as is often the case with lower end shops like thrift shops, but you are asking them to break the terms of their contract when you are purchasing from an upscale consignment shop. You can take your chances on that piece being discounted if it does not sell within a given time period, but you also run the risk that it may be scooped up by another buyer.
Interestingly, there has been a change in the Real Estate market here in South Carolina. Homes and Condominiums are being sold fully furnished. While some people may think this is a bit odd…give it some thought. Many people are still downsizing or selling second homes. What is a seller to do with all this extra furniture?

Rather than deal with selling yourself from your front yard, auctions or on-line sales, many seller’s have chosen just to sell their property with it’s furnishings included. If you think about it, it is a great way for a buyer to not have to deal with furnishing a new home immediately upon taking possession especially if they are buying their first vacation or part-time home.
The only issue for the buyer is…. what if it is great furniture but not your style? That is where consignment comes in. Many buyers of furnished property are looking for a way to quickly remove the home decor from their new residence and also receive a fair price for it. This not only includes the furniture but the rugs, lighting, mirrors, paintings and other items. For a fee, a consignment store can take in this furniture and deal with the hassle of the marketing and sales so that the new owner can focus on other important issues (remodeling, moving their preferred furnishings in or just having a clean slate to start redecorating).

And for the seller…. What if the buyer does not want your furnishings? Once again, consignment is the answer. The same rules apply. Consignment offers a quick way to empty the furnishings of the sold property and not have to deal with the timing of selling the individual items.

Keep in mind that most consignment stores cannot accept a large amount of furniture without a decent amount of lead time. As soon as you know that consignment is in your cards start making arrangements. Be prepared to present photos of the items you are looking to consign. The Front Porch will often be able to give you a quick yes or no to your items by looking at pictures. The Front Porch

Take it from experience. Well furnished homes always show better, larger and take less time to sell. That is why new home builders furnish their models. So your Realtor has told you that your home would do better if it was furnished but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on new furniture because of the minimal return on your investment. There are a few options for you. You can go to a retail store and purchase new, low cost furniture, but be careful with this one. You don’t want the furniture to cheapen the look of your home and the cost of retail furnishings can cost dearly.

Rental furniture is another option and there are a number of companies that will rent new furniture for staging purposes. You will pay a monthly rental amount and they will deliver and remove the furniture as you need, however, this can become quite pricey if your home still takes a long time to sell.
Another alternative is Consignment shop furniture. Consignment gives you the option of purchasing high quality, gently used furnishings for your home at a greatly reduced price as opposed to buying new. You can often build this amount into the sales price of your home and offer it furnished. You can also re-consign the furniture once the property is sold and possibly get much of your money back. This will accomplish the task of furnishing the home and also provide a way to re-coup much of the cost of purchasing the furniture.